Cancer Help! Page


If you or someone you know have cancer…

You may find the following websites and books helpful. I recommend you first download “Cancer? Don’t Panic!” From Read it and decide what’s best for you. I would like to quote what the author wrote on page 9 of this e-book, “ You, and you alone are responsible for your treatment decisions”.

Also, Check out Chris Wark’s Youtube on ” Should you have surgery for cancer?”

WEBSITES – free e-book “Cancer? Don’t Panic!” JonathanChamberlain Mark Brazee) (Free downloads-on Healing and other useful topics) (Dodie Osteen’s Testimony – she was healed from Cancer) Daily Devotion by Kenneth E  Hagin)



–  How to get well & stay well – Dr Felicity Corbin Wheeler

– Get Well Stay Well on Revelation TV – Subject: Milk

-The Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest – Ty Bollinger

-She healed leukemai, sarcoma andstage 4 cervical cancer! – Chrisbeatcancer

-Q&A Show with Philip Day

-Compassion & Healing, Marilyn Hickey Ministries

– ‘4 Keys to a Healthy Mind’ – Steve Cioccolanti 

-Toxi Thoughts – Dr. Caroline Leaf

-The best Cancer-Fighting Essential Oils – Dr. Eric Zielinski



-Cancer The complete Recovery Guide, Jonathan Chamberlain

-Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth, Phillip Day

-The ABC’s of Disease, Phillip Day

-Health Wars, Phillip Day

-God’s Healing Word – Felicity Corbin-Wheeler

-The China Study, T.Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell

-Insights into Cancer, Henry W. Wright

-Plant Programme – Professor jane Plant & Gill Tidey