Healing Testimonies

Thank you for sending testimonies of how the Lord has healed you and delivered you. All the glory goes to our Lord and Saviour! In Psalm 29:2, “Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”

If you would like to share your praise report on healing with us, please send a copy to me by email: info@jehovah-rapha.co.uk


HEALED FROM BI-POLAR  – Catherine A. 09.08.18

Arise and be Revitalised!

“Adonai directs a person’s steps, and he delights in his way.  He may stumble, but he won’t fall headlong, for Adonai holds him by the hand.”  [Psalm 37:23-24]

This scripture has been my experience time and time again.  I have fallen many a time through illness but have never actually quit.  This is only because GOD didn’t want me to give up and somehow through exceedingly difficult circumstances, was holding me by His hand as I walked through what I didn’t understand.

OK so we all get knocked about, but the question is are we going to stuff it, as it were and move on?

It is the enemy that gives us blow after blow in life, but are we determined enough to defy him by standing tall in the dignity and love of God who tells us to “wear that royal crown once again”!  Since He is the lifter of our head (Psalm 3:3), why look down?

The word is ‘Arise!’

There is VICTORY around the corner.  In fact, there are many victories in our lives as we step out and believe that God has a great plan in it all.

Even one of Britain’s most victorious Prime Minister’s – Sir Winston Churchill said “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never…” and “…failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Anyone out there who is thinking of taking their own life (and yes those thoughts came all too easily to me too), just remember the word BEYOND.  There is LIFE beyond the moment or even years of struggle.  Suicide is a LIE from the pit of hell. The people of Israel who found themselves in a mess once said “But me, I’m not giving up.  I’m sticking around to see what God will do. I’m waiting for God to make things right.” [Micah 7:7 from the Bible]

So you know that I come from some kind of experience on this matter, my background is twenty-two years of mental health difficulties; bi-polar disorder (or what used to be called manic-depression) to name it.  When I was ill, I was really ill, but when I was good, I functioned as normal, held down many a job and generally no-one knew the ‘other side of my life’ unless I told them. This bi-polar led me into grave danger.  For example, jumping out of my two-story flat window because I believed I could fly and God would hold me up, jumping into the River Thames from a boat because I decided I didn’t want to be on it anymore, endlessly trapesing the streets at night, sometimes believing I was a soldier carrying a gun (my violin in my case), cycling in the middle of Central London blindfolded, the list goes on…   Why would I want to do stuff like that? I can only describe the fact that I felt driven. And who was driving me to do this crazy stuff? The enemy. Yes – Satan is real (for anyone doubting that fact).

But I’m here to tell you what GOD has done, so that in your dark hour you will turn to Him and find salvation in Jesus (or I like to call him by His Hebrew name Yeshua).  It has been a battle, but with God nothing is impossible. Yeshua answered my initial cry “Do you exist God?” right there back in that adolescent unit, in Psychiatric Hospital during my first significant episode.  Through a journey, I found the answer to be a resounding YES! And just in case you didn’t hear the first time – I said YES.  Not only does He exist, not only is He the greatest HELPER of ALL TIME, He is the TRUTH – and that means the ANSWER to all of your questions…


Oh yes, where was I?  I got carried away ☺


One day, twenty-two years later, I got called to learn how to teach the Bible Prophetically.  Not only was I called to a different life at this Conference I went to, but the UK Director of the ministry preached about a woman in the Bible who reached out for healing by touching Yeshua’s robe.  What was spoken next was “If you have a healing need, reach out in faith for Jesus NOW.” I did just that. It was like a desperate inner cry; an ‘enough is enough’ moment. I wrote in my journal that night what I heard the Holy Spirit say “Tonight you have been set free” (and yes… another thing, God still speaks today as a still small voice and sometimes LOUDLY – are you listening?!)

From that moment on for five years, I didn’t have any more mental illness, NEVER felt ‘the blues’ once (and this is down to God keeping me happy), never stayed on another Psychiatric ward and came off all the medication (over a two-year period working with the Doctors).  

Recently, I had another attack from the enemy and had a ‘blip’ of crazy thinking leading me to do stuff I don’t normally do, but within three weeks I am right as rain again.  Don’t ask me why this situation occurred, because I don’t know the answer, but all of our lives are stories-in-the-making. I STILL know that God is real and it goes back to the fact that Jesus continues to have the VICTORY in my circumstances.  I remain more than content, joyful and determined to stay connected to God who gives me purpose and hope for the future. Jesus is not just my hope, but countless others’. Is He yours? And if not, why not?

I urge you to do one simple thing right now… Listen to this song ‘Hope of the Nations’.  Click here.

Thanks for your time.



 I grew up in Scotland. I joined the Boy’s Brigade when I was 9 and had to attend church. When I was 9 or 10 years old I was praying to God one night. The next morning while I was going down the stairs, I sensed the presence of God, however, at the time I didn’t know it was God.

 Gangs of boys were picking fights with me and I got bullied at school. I started to run around with boys a few years older than myself. At the age of 15 I began drinking and smoking cannabis. The rave was happening during this period in Scotland and that became part of my life every weekend until I was about 23.  This was when I started to take speed, ecstasy and cocaine. I started suffering from depression and mood swing.

 My family and fiancé did not know I was taking drugs until I started using heroin. Because the heroine caused me to lose weight.  I was unable to go to work due to the drugs and I eventually got sacked. My fiancé found out about the drugs and she gave me an ultimatum, to choose her or to give up the drugs.  I choose drugs.

 I was not aware that I was addicted to these drugs until I tried to give up. I moved from Scotland to Hereford and I got off the drugs but a month later I was back on them again. These relapses happened many times. I lost another job because I was using heroin in the toilets.

 The landlord wanted to kick me out of the house because I did not have the money to pay him the rent. I had spent all of the money on drugs. I also got into trouble with the police and was told I could be put into prison for about 5 years.

That night I said to God, “If You are real, get me out of this.”

 When I went to court I pleaded guilty and was given a 2-year probation.

 One day I was walking into Hereford Town Centre to get my routine drugs. Two young women caught my attention and I walked towards them. One of them handed me a Christian track with “Jesus loves you” on it. I looked at the track and said, “Jesus loves you?!” I told these two women they were crazy and ripped the track and threw it in the bin. I told them I couldn’t believe I walked all the way here for this.

 A few days later a complete stranger – a support worker, gave me a flat to stay, rent completely paid for! The house was originally for people who just got out of prison – but I never went to prison. I believe it was the hand of God helping me. I had people come and prepare dinner for me, and also inviting me for lunch.

One night I had a special encounter with God. When I woke up the next morning there was a strong desire to go back to Scotland, it was as though I was being directed.

 The court case had driven me to get off the drugs which I had managed to do so six to seven times previously. But the relapsing happened as soon as difficulties came along.

 I moved back to Scotland at the end of 2004 and found another job. My parents allowed me to move back with them. They previously disowned me due to my heroin addictions. I got a job as an engineer and was doing quite well. But a month later I relapsed again and went back to heroin. When I went to work on Monday I was still under the influence of drugs.  I was standing with the wielding helmet on, but sound asleep. My work colleagues tapped me on my shoulder. I took my helmet off and they asked me what I was doing, they were all looking at me. I went to the manager’s office, and got fired from the job.

 That’s when I realized how strong my addiction was, and I lost all hope that I would ever get out of this. With my wages I bought more drugs and I overdosed.  The next day I met someone who told me about this Christian place called “Team Challenge”. I did not have a lot of option so I went there. I still remember the date – 13/05/2005. I met a lot of people whom I thought was a bit crazy, many of them prayed for me.

 A couple of months later I went out for prayers, and invited Jesus into my life. However, nothing dramatic happened. When I went home from church, if someone had offered me drugs I would have taken them. But early in the morning I woke up and I could feel the powerful presence of God. I was looking around the room but couldn’t see anyone. I was knocked on my back and started to speak in tongues (heavenly language), it was like waterfall coming out of my mouth and out of my hands. And after that I was aware that I had been set free from anger and drugs. It was as though the drug never happened.

 My personality did not change overnight. I still have my challenges. A year after I became a Christian someone was making fun of me. I was drinking a cup of coffee, if the pastor wasn’t present I would have thrown that coffee at this guy. I asked God to forgive me that night. I was hoping God would do something dramatic or give me a visitation which I had experienced previously.  However, it didn’t happen. In the early hours of the next morning when I woke up, I heard a voice saying, ‘Do you trust me’, I was looking around the room to see who might have said this. Then I thought it could be God, as I remembered the story about Samuel in the bible. I said, “Say that again?” And I heard for the second time a voice saying, “Do you trust me?”

 I said, ‘Yes’. As soon as I said yes it was like a waterfall coming down. The presence of God was so strong.  I did not understand what happened but I experience the love and presence of God.  I would choose to experience God’s glory and presence over anything in the world.

 God has been providing me with work and finance. He has been protecting me and guiding me throughout my journey with Him.

 When I was about 19 I was involved in a car accident. The driver was driving 80 miles per hour, it suddenly lost control and it went sideways towards a tree. The strange thing was I saw it in slow motion. I was thrown out of the car, hanging out on the fence. I survived with a few bumps and bruises but no broken bones. The girl next to me was thrown out through the back window, she had 50 stitches on her head. The roof of the car was completely crushed into the tree. Looking back, I was aware that God had been protecting me.

 Many years ago, I bought some cocaine and when I got home I found out I had been given chewing gums instead. So I went back and told him I wanted the money back or what I had paid for. The drug dealer had a machete under his belt. He told me to wait and came back with a hammer in his hand. He looked at me and mumbled something. The color drained from his face and he dropped the hammer, gave me what I asked for and told me to leave.  A few years later I had a dream, in the dream I relived this incident. I heard what the man said that day, “You’ve got something over you”. I believe God had protected me that day.

Sometimes I lose thing, I asked God for help, He would tell me.  When I encountered problems I could not resolve I would also ask God and He was always there to help me.  I don’t know how I would manage to live without God. I like to give the glory for what He has done in my life and will continue to do so. 


HEALED FROM BACK PAIN – George 4.1.2018

From the age of 15 I was in the building trade, digging foundations, loading skips, mixing concrete, bricklaying and block, plastering etc. I had this idea that I could work any man into the ground, and always did. Over many, many years I practiced the Martial Arts, and taught. Over time the two together pushed my spine down, had trapped many nerves. I had great pain in the lower back. I walked several days a week over the forest with my dog Babes, for four hours a day. But had to keep sitting down for rests. The hospital looked at my MIR results and said they must operate to free the nerves, in two months’ time. However, I have not heard from them so I tried to get in contact with them for seven months, finally they asked me to go back to the same consultant. They told me again the operation would be in two months’ time. Five months later, they made an appointment to go for the operation in two weeks’ time at 7.30am. I was prep and ready to be wheeled in, and waited six and a half hours, and then they cancelled the operation, as they had an emergency coming in. My own Doctor told me as they didn’t take me off the aspirins I was on, if they had operated I would have bled out, and not have survived. The next day, I thank my Saviour and told Him, “Lord I won’t have any operations.” I walked my dog for a week and one day I noticed all the pain had gone. I give God all the glory, as He overruled. By the stripes of Jesus, we were healed, so I am healed. We don’t doubt the symptoms but doubt their rights to be there. For my God Abba father said it, I believe it, that settles it. Keep looking up and be blessed always.



My name is Wing Hang Ha and I am fifteen years old. I am currently studying at Saint Canaan college. 

At the age of four I had blood cancer; this came about so suddenly without any prior symptoms.  My Aunty asked a Pastor to pray for me and sprinkled me with water to baptise me.

During my second treatment at the hospital, my condition deteriorated rapidly, my white blood cells failed to be normal for over two weeks. My dad, mum and the doctor were all very worried. If this continued without improvement my life would be in danger. My dad, mum, and my brothers and sisters in my church were all praying for me.

Then, Miracle happened that night. I saw Jesus, Jesus and I were playing with ducks. The same night my white blood cell turned back to normal and I was healed.

I would like to thank Jesus for healing me, giving me the chance to go to Church, elementary and high school.

I will follow Jesus all my life and all the glory and praises go to Him.



I suffered from eczema in both of my ear channels for more than 10 years. My GP told me that there is no medication or ointment for this condition. It was itchy and painful when it flared up. Certain food also aggravated this condition. I tried to scratch it but unable to reach the itchy part within my ear channel. I prayed and asked God to heal me. I also went to the front for pastors to pray for me from time to time for a number of years. The symptoms were decreasing slowly. I noticed that it was after I attended a miracle service in my church on 28th June 2015, the symptoms were almost gone. I continue to trust God and know that He who started the healing will complete it. Praise and Glory to God who has compassion on me and healing me of my diseases. Jesus took the stripes so I can be healed. I have no doubt in His will for my healing.



I am writing this testimony to share with others God’s healing power and provision for my son. Daniel was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis grade 2 in 2010 when he was 18years old starting his first year at Warwick university. He had mild symptoms of discomfort running down the back of his right leg but it was not serious that time.  However, in 2013, he developed intermittent numbness in his right foot and the MRI scan showed that his spondylolisthesis has progressed from grade 2 to 3 and there was narrowing of the spinal canal at l4-5 level which resulted in the numbness of the foot.

He was seen at the Royal London Hospital by the neurosurgeon who said that Daniel requires surgery to straighten and stabilise the spine which will be a major surgery. Daniel and I were deeply distressed by this news as it will impact on his studies in university. I told Daniel that we should not lose hope because we have a God who is ALL powerful and who can also heal. I then began to earnestly pray for the following specifics-

  1. Complete healing of Daniels’ back so that he does not require the operation.
  2. God will lead us to another surgeon who is dual trained in orthopaedics and neurosurgery. I wanted Daniel to have a second opinion and to be seen by the best in this field if he requires surgery.

Meanwhile, I brought Daniel to my bible study teacher E. Vetters for prayer and healing as I believe that the prayers of an effective man is very effective. Mr Vetters once told me that ‘healing begins when we start praying’ I believe my job is to pray and God will do the rest.

It was amazing how the Lord answered my prayers specifically. At that time I was working in the Outpatient department of a private hospital and heard of a new neuro-spinal surgeon who had recently joined the hospital. One day, the surgeon (AR) turned up at the door of my office asking to see me as he needed my advice to set up his clinic. I was thrilled and so overwhelmed when I discovered that his speciality was in treatment of spondylolisthesis!  He agreed to see Daniel and examined him. By this time Daniel’s numbness in the right foot has improved considerably. The surgeon then told us the wonderful news that Daniel does not require surgery but just monitoring to ensure that his symptoms does not get worse. He also reassured Daniel that he can continue his gym exercises as the development of his strong core muscles has helped to support his back.

Daniel was reviewed last year in March 2014 and has been discharged from the Royal London hospital-which means he does not require any treatment at all. God is awesome –he has answered my prayers perfectly. I believe God has healed Daniel’s back problem. He is indeed Jehovah Rapha- the God who heals!



I had no religious belief before I became a Christian.  When I was still at high school, my Aunt who is a Christian would be talking about Jesus to me each time I saw her.  I found her quite irritating so I avoided her. I thought that people only became Christians because they were facing difficulties that they could not resolve themselves.

It was not until in September 2011 when my mother-in-law encouraged me to go to church with my children. She was a bit concerned that I may not be able to teach my children properly and they may become rebellious and unmanageable when they grow up.

So she asked my children’s Uncle and Auntie to take us to the Chinese Soho Church in London. It was the first time I set foot in a Christian Church but I felt quite comfortable there, it was as though all my worries had fled way. However, I still didn’t believe that God existed; I thought the Bible was just a book that taught people life’s principles.

In December 2012 I caught the flu but thought it was not serious enough to go to see the doctor. But it got from bad to worst and I was constantly coughing and did not get any rest at night. The following day was a Monday and my children need to go to school, and my husband was not with me because he worked quite far.

It was 4am in the morning and I was still coughing, I was exhausted. I mumbled continuously, “Dear God, please help me, I can’t die because I still need to look after my kids.”

Suddenly I saw a blur vision of many white candles in the room, someone was praying and then there was a man’s huge hand stretching out to me, without thinking I grabbed this hand, and as I held on to this hand my cough immediately stopped!

I went to see the doctor the next day, the doctor told me I had whooping cough and it was contagious. I was really thankful that though I had this cough for a month my children never caught it from me. After this event I believed that God is real and He is always there taking care of my family and I. I also believe that the hand I held onto was the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ.



My colleague Alison had a serious headache at work, so I offered to massage her head and also to pray for her, casting Alison’s stress upon the cross. Half an hour later, Alison said her headache was completely gone! Give glory to Jesus – He still heals today!



I came from a non-Christian background and was very quiet and lacking in confidence as a child, this developed into depression as a teenager and a breakdown at college.  As a student I was searching for answers to life in all the wrong things – mainly new age spiritualties, alcohol and relationships, attempting to fill a growing sense of anxiety and depression.

I had to take a year out of college as I became very sick. One morning I woke up and sensed a need to go to church.  It was the love and prayers of the church that started my healing journey.  As God started to help me to become stronger I was able to volunteer for a children’s summer camp and as I listened to the Bible teaching and songs with the children I knew Jesus and He became my Saviour! We learnt the song ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ and this became my joyful song of praise and petition. 

That was the start of a very slow and difficult 20 year struggle, as I persevered and clung to the hope I had found in Jesus but did not experience clear discipleship with keys to healing and getting free from the past. So I was a believer constantly plagued by lies and doubting my salvation as the enemy sought to steal and destroy my new life in Christ.  Eventually I found a healing ministry center where I learnt about the keys to healing; the strategies of the enemy, forgiveness, confession, repentance and deliverance and I was finally set free! 

There are two great ministries I would recommend for discipleship and healing; Freedom in Christ  and Ellel.  I thank God that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. 



In early June 2013 symptoms of hay fever began to attack me. I was constantly sneezing, having runny nose, throat was really dry, and eyes were uncomfortable etc. I have never had hay fever before and was quite miserable having these symptoms especially during work. It continued over a week and one night I decided to take the Holy Communion and then read God’s medicine (Bible) for several hours. The next morning I woke up healed!! Praise God!

In 2011 I twisted the right side of my back when gardening. It has been uncomfortable and sometimes painful, in particular towards Christmas 2013. On New Years day I went over to my relative’s house to have dinner. After dinner I asked a sister in Christ and two members of my family to lay hands and pray for me.  I didn’t feel any different after prayer. When I got home, I made a cup of tea and sat on the sofa, this was when I noticed the pain had completely gone! It was so good to not feel the pain after a year and a half! A good start to 2014!



“A few years ago I experienced a weird sensation in my right breast when I lent over: it was as if something was sticking together inside and then as if it was being released. I knew it needed to be investigated, but I also knew that it would not be cancerous, because God had delivered me from the fear of cancer a few years earlier and with Psalm 91:16 assured me of long life.

The day I decided, after about ten days of this sensation, to ask for a check up, I attended an evening service at my then church. There was a visiting preacher from South Africa and a room full of about 300 people. He had a number of words of knowledge including for someone who had a tumour in their right breast. No one had diagnosed me with a tumour but nor did anyone else in that crowded room go forward. So  I claimed that word as mine and was prayed for. The sensation went at once and I fought every attack to make me doubt what had happened. The sensation never came back and  when I next had a mammogram it was absolutely clear. Confident as I had been that all would be well, I was so grateful to God for healing me there and then and sparing me the stress of medical investigations.”



My son and daughter-in-law are both Christian and every Sunday they went to a church called Christian Outreach Centre in Beckenham. One day in 2002 my daughter-in-law asked me to go to church with them, telling me that there was someone who was coming from Africa whom God used to heal many people. So I went with them.

At the end of the preaching the Preacher asked anyone who would like to be healed from a disease or illness to come forward. My daughter-in-law encouraged me to go to the front to be prayed for, as the dentist said I had gum disease and there was nothing he could do about it. So I joined the rest of the people at the front to be prayed for. When it was time for me to be prayed for the preacher said to me that it wasn’t him that was doing the healing, it was Jesus. As he prayed for me I felt a ‘fire’ sweeping across my jaws. I went back to my seat and then I suddenly remember that I had fell over ice and hurt my back when it was snowing.  I mentioned this to my son and he encouraged me to go back to be prayed for again, so I did. God healed my gum disease and my back.

Not long after this incident I started going to a local church and got baptized. Around 2012-2013 I had pain in my right shoulder, the doctor diagnosed me with a condition called “frozen shoulder”. I had physiotherapy but it did not help me. I continued to pray to God to heal me, and then one day I suddenly realized that I could move my hand freely without any pain at all!


VICTORY OVER LUPUS –  K.Lord – 23.1.2014

In August 2001 I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus disease.
I was hospitalised for a month at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.I had 9 out of 10 of the symptoms that almost killed me if my brother and mother didn’t rush me to the Royal London hospital when they did.

I began getting the majority of the symptoms from September 2000.The symptoms I received were: Hair loss, Blurry vision, Dizzy spells, Extreme fatigue, Sensitivity to sunlight or bright lights in general, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Pale skin, Muscular pains, Depression, Weight loss.

I went to three different hospitals that kept on giving me strong pain killers, then they would discharge me. All this time I was dying and they didn’t do anything about it.

A year later I had a minor stroke and my brother couldn’t take seeing me in that condition anymore, so he and his girlfriend drove me to the Royal London Hospital where they treated me and diagnosed me with lupus disease.
I went through a lot during that time, but they managed to stabilise me and I was later discharged.

I seemed to be doing very well for about 10 years and then the disease flared again, only this time it was life threatening .I was in and out of hospital and became critically ill. They had given me 24 hours and 48 hours to live numerous amount of times.

I had all my Christian neighbours and brothers and sisters in Christ praying and fasting for me. I also went for deliverance and healing. I had to trust Jesus that this was part of my tribulation in life and one day I would be set free.

The Lord gave me a song which is Psalms 121. “I will lift up my eyes to the hills where comes my help.” I held onto that through all my pain, scans, biopsies and X-rays. I was hearing bad news, after sad news, from the doctors, consultants and my professor.

Slowly, slowly after months and months I started to get better. It took great perseverance and faith to get through what I’ve been through but Jesus has carried me all the way.

I haven’t received a confirmation letter or report from my professor giving me the all clear as yet. This is due to the disease being classed as an incurable, but I feel and look a lot better bless Jesus.

Prayer changes things, don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t have an affect.
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16 KJV)

The Lord can heal some people instantly, whilst others have to go through a process. In my case it has been a process, but every step of the way I’ve seen changes to my life and body that was different from the day before.
This gives me the faith to go on and to trust that one day I will receive complete healing in every area of my life.

You can receive the same if you trust The Lord Jesus Christ.


If you would like to share your praise report on healing with us, please send a copy to me by email: info@jehovah-rapha.co.uk

I was reading a book on how to speak Japanese for tourists, and was quite amused that the author has welcomed the readers to write to him, but requested them to be ‘nice’ and not to write nasty emails. I didn’t quite understand why he put this in as the book he has written was not on a controversial or debating topic.. but then I remember reading an article on a well-known comedian who had been healed of lupus by going on a fresh vegetable and juice diet, which attracted many different views. Most of them shared the joy of the comedian’s healing. Yet there were some who opposed and wrote negative and nasty comments on the blog which I thought was unnecessary. We don’t always agree with each other, but there is no need to be rude or nasty.