Personal Testimonies

We have different walks in life and God reaches out to us in a very unique way. I am so glad to receive people’s testimony, I believe it inspires and encourages people. Most important of all, it gives glory to our Almighty and loving God.



I first became aware of Jesus when my nursing friend Melly brought me to a Nurse’s Christian Fellowship in Singapore in 1070. I was attracted to the friendliness and warmth of the Christian nurses. Melly then brought me to her brethren church and I became involved in the church activities. I was baptized at the Katong Brethren Church in Singapore. However, my personal relationship with Jesus became more real when I came to the UK firstly as a student and later following my marriage to Bon, my husband. It is only in the latter years of my walk with the Lord that He has taught me the power of the living Word. The Word is LIFE and MEDICINE to my body and life now.

I am indeed deeply loved and blessed by the Lord and my prayers is that the Lord will become day by day a living bright reality in my life.


T Chiu

I went food shopping in China Town on a Sunday afternoon in 1990. I was walking through Piccadilly Circus, heading towards the tube station, when someone suddenly stopped me. She witnessed to me about Jesus and invited me to church. It was strange because at that point in life I was thinking about the meaning of life and the universe. She also introduced me to the group of Christians she was with, they seemed very friendly. I remember prior to this Sunday, I had been approached by another person at Leicester Square, who talked to me about the end times and the mark of the beast.

The following Sunday I went to Church, my idea of church was boring, but this Chinese Church was different. People gathered in a rented room inside a YWCA. It was nothing I had expected to be a church. It was amazing to see people singing and worshipping. I liked it, I didn’t know why. The music was loud and I thought it gave opportunity for people who couldn’t sing to express their feeling without the fear of being judged. I enjoyed it so I went again the following Sunday, when I decided to receive Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I then continued going to Church and was helping out with the PA system.

I wanted to part of a team that helped people experience what I experienced, i.e. Church wasn’t boring, Jesus is real and He died for me so I could have eternal life. I witnessed God changing people’s lives in the church, and also people getting healed from sickness and diseases.


S Chiu


From a very young age I had always asked questions such as how did this universe came into existence, and who made the lovely animals and flowers.

When I was at college a friend of mine kept talking about Jesus to me. I did get quite weary of her always talking about this Jesus to me sometime. But one day, while I was in the library revising for an exam for the next day, I was unable to concentrate due to some issues in life. Worrying that I may fail if I couldn’t get any revisions done, I suddenly remembered this ‘God’ that my friend had talked about. I decided to seek Him, so I spoke to Him in my heart, saying, “If you are really the one true God please give me peace so I can concentrate with my revision, Amen.” Amazingly, just a few seconds after I said ‘Amen’ in my heart, peace began to fill me! I still remember the first thing I asked myself for the next few mornings when I woke up was, “Was that possible and was it real what I had experienced?”

It happened in the same week that one of my cousins took my second brother to church and he became a Christian. He was very excited and couldn’t stop talking about it and even offered to take me to church on Saturday. I was quite curious so I went with my brother on Saturday. The ‘Church’ was actually located in a house in South London where the group of Christian lived. They had a large room on the first floor where they gathered to worship God. I remember one of the songs they sung had lyrics like this ‘ who made the mountains, who made the trees…who placed the moon in the sky…it’s the Almighty Creator..”

On that day, the preacher talked about how Jesus went to the cross and died for me, he also talked about eternity in heaven and in hell.  I was so moved and touched by the love of Christ that I asked Jesus to come into my life to become my Lord and Savior. To this date, I still recall vividly the journey from Brixton back to my home in East London. I felt so ‘light’ and an unspeakable peace filled me, it was as though someone had carried a heavy baggage for you. I got baptized in a river near Brixton, after the baptism my Christian brothers and sisters gave me many bookmarks which had Bible verses and encouraging words written on them.  As they shared their stories with me I was overwhelmed by the fact that God had helped and delivered so many people. I was also very blessed to find out that God had created this world we live in, together with the amazing animals and flowers on this planet.  Most important of all, I have found out that Jesus Christ loves me and He is the only way to eternal life. He is always nearby to help me and I could communicate with Him day and night for the rest of my life and I would be spending eternity with Him in heaven. Such amazing grace!


Y Y Lam

When I came back to England to visit my children, my son and daughter-in-law took me to church every Sunday. And when I went back to Hong Kong my son also took me to a church in the city. They had dance and exercise classes every week so I continued joining their classes and going to church for two years. One day the dance instructor Ann encouraged me to receive Jesus as my personal Saviour and to get baptized. At first I was unsure but later decided to do so, so I got baptized in 2012.  I know now I would be going to heaven when I leave this world, and that God is always with me to help me.


E Cheung

I went to a Christian School in Hong Kong, therefore was quite familiar with some Bible stories. Though the teacher at the fellowship club asked me to receive Jesus into my life, I have never knew Jesus personally. None of my friends went to church therefore I never went to church on Sundays.

My brother came to England to study in 1997, and was involved in a car accident. There were three people in the car but he was the most seriously hurt person, they had to cut him out of the car and he had been in a coma for many days. Consequently my family and I flew to England to see him. While at the hospital I saw people from church visiting him, I later found out that my brother only been to church once. I also prayed for my brother. I knew there were many people praying for him as well.

Later he woke up from the coma, the doctor said it would take him at least three months to recover, but he was discharged after three weeks. I believed it was a miracle from God that he came out of the coma and recovered so well. My sister and brother-in-law took me to a church called Christian Outreach Centre in Beckenham. On the day the Pastor asked if anyone who would like to receive Jesus as their personal Saviour or rededicate their lives to come forward. I was a bit nervous so my sister-in-law went out with me.

Another time I went to another Church, the Pastor asked people who would like to receive God’s power to come forward. My husband and I went forward and we both fell down under God’s power. After this we looked for a Chinese Church and starting going to Soho Chinese Church, where I was involved in the Praise and Worship Team, and the PA Team, and my husband was helping with the Catering Team.



In 2006 I was desperate to have a companion as I was alone in London studying. The study was very tough, and I thought if I find a boyfriend, all my loneliness would be sorted. One of the conditions on my list of him was to be a Christian, I didn’t know why but I guessed that I like Christians because they are nice people and they seem to have more peace on their face.

I met my boyfriend and he met exactly all the criteria I have put on my list. One day, he told me the doctor had said to him that he might have tumour. It was a very shocking news to both of us. He was given two weeks’ time to go to hospital to take the sample to test. When I was sitting next to him at the hospital, I felt hopeless, something that is beyond my control in my life. My mind called out “His God, if you really exist, could you please save him”. Two days later the result came out, doctor said that it was strange, he didn’t have tumour after all! I was convinced then that there is a God who exists, and his God had saved him.

There were lots of people on the street giving out leaflet to invite me to go to church or gathering. I didn’t go. One day, I was so overwhelmed by my situation and what life has thrown at me. During my lunch break, I walked back to school from the bank. I talked to God, “God, I know that you exist, but if you want me to be your people, please send someone I know, because I won’t follow a stranger”. Within 10 minutes, I arrived at my school and my friend Isaac who is from my city in China was standing right at the door when I stepped in. He told me that he was a new Christian, I said to him,” Very good, I am a Buddhist”. He then invited me to his church. I was instantly ‘hit ‘and frighten that there was a God who could read my mind, He knew me from inside out.

I went to Isaac’s church, but I felt that they were not too welcoming. I suspected that they must have wanted something from me. When they were singing, I reasoned, “ If it is my problem, then please change my heart”.  Within half an hour, I saw those people at church lovely. I was given a welcome pack included a music CD, I listened and liked the music. At the back of the CD case, something was written: if you like this, and would like to do this prayer (I later knew that was the salvation prayer to receive Jesus as my personal Saviour). I read the prayer and suddenly I felt a great peace covered me from my head to toe. I loved that feeling. I accidently looked into the mirror, and for the first time I loved myself, and the confidence was in my heart since never been taken away from me. I was so hungry for Jesus since then.



Have you ever been bowed down by guilt?

I was in 1994/5: I didn’t like it but I didn’t know what to do about it.

A friend suggested a visit to a Christian healing centre.

I went there fearfully, not knowing what to expect.

I was greeted with love.


I avoided speaking to anyone about my problem as long as I could.

Eventually the Chaplain invited me to talk to him.

There was no escape! He prayed, then said,

“Your life is like a compass with the needle swaying back and forth, not pointing steadily to Jesus as it ought.”

Had I ever given my life to Jesus? No! I hadn’t.

Did I know that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.

Yes I did.

Would I give my life to Him? Well, I couldn’t – I was far too PROUD!


Two days passed and I went to the Chapel for prayer.

As I closed my eyes I saw JESUS and then my soul left my body and ran to Him.


After that it was easy, I could bow the knee, ask forgiveness and invite JESUS into my life as my Saviour and Lord.


Slowly, day by day life began to get more and more exciting,

as I discovered a joy and a peace inside which I had never had before.


Gone was the old introverted worrier.

This Rosalie has far more FUN than the old one ever did!


I have the Holy Spirit inside to guide and help me.

A loving Father to hold me in His arms and a Saviour who loves me so much

He died for me.


But JESUS didn’t just die for me.


God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,

that WHOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have

eternal life.




Julia. W

I was brought up as an atheist. My mum told that “only you can shape your own destiny. If you want to have a good future, you need to work hard to obtain it”. So I studied hard throughout my education years, try my best to obtain good grades. After I finished my master degree, I worked for a good and prestige company. I studied our organisation structure and planed my promotion route. After a while I noticed that the executives of the company looked sad, some divorced for spending too much time at work and not enough time at home. I asked myself “is this the life I wanted?”. For many years I studied, with the aim to secure a good career so I could have a good and happy life. I was confused and lost hope. I asked myself “what is the purpose of my life?”

A Christian invited me to church. I reluctantly agreed to go to church. During the time I was searching for a God, a real God, but I did not think it could be Jesus. I went to church so I could cross Jesus from my search list. That Sunday I was late for the church service. I was not familiar with driving through the one way streets in London without a SatNav. I almost had an accident. I turned up in the church 10 minutes before the end of the service. I had no idea what the pastor preached. The pastor called for people to come out for prayer if they had needs. A person next to me, someone I did not know, asked me to go to the front for prayers. I thought to myself, I drove one and half hours to get here, going to the front for prayer was a small effort in comparison. I thought to myself “if the prayer worked, great, if not, I haven’t lost anything.

So I went to the front. When the pastor asked me “what would you like me to pray for you” I told him that I was searching for a true God. He laid his hand on my forehead and prayed. I felt an energy started from my head and surrounding me, slowly it extended to my heart. I could see in my mind that my heart was like an air balloon pegged down on the ground with ropes. A pair of scissors appeared and cut the ropes, my heart was released and I felt light. Tremendous peace entered me which I had never felt before. I looked up to the ceiling and said to myself “I will not afraid if the ceiling falls and collapses on top of me”.

I spent days after feeling peaceful and joyful, pondering what has happened on Sunday. The pastor prayed for God to show me that He is real. God showed that He is real because He knew my stressed before I even realised it. I was stressed by work, by the relationship issues with my mother and by the challenging journey to the church. He released my stress supernaturally. In its place, He gave me peace and joy.

I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour the following Sunday. Hallelujah!


STANLEY VETTERS  – The Brother of Eric Vetters (Described by Eric Vetters)

My mum, dad, granddad and grandma had been praying for my brother, Stanley Vetters’ salvation for many years. Stan was educated in German; he worked in a laboratory as an Analytical chemist at the ICI, Billingham in Yorkshire. He heard the gospel every Sunday like I did. I came to the Lord at the age of eleven, but Stan did not make the decision while we saw him alive.

During World War II he worked as a Navigator in the Air Force and his plane crashed into the mountain which took his life.

But before he died he wrote a letter which assured us of his salvation. My dad wept for joy when he received the telegraph. My dad said he would have died for him if he could. However, we were so grateful that through his letter we knew he has gone to be with the Lord Jesus.


Here is what was written on the letter:

14th May 1945

Dear Mum and Dad,

On the other side of this I have jotted down how I want my money split up if I should die. I’m hoping you never receive this but should you do so you’ll know I am with my Saviour Christ Jesus. Time does not permit me to write more as I am just off to work.

 My love to you. God’s blessing.

Yours in His Name


(On the other side of the letter he wrote)

14th May 1945

£30 to the Meeting, £20 to Dave, £20 to Phyl, £20 to Doug. The remainder to be divided into 3 equal parts for mum, dad and Eric.

 14th May 1945

 Today I know the supreme joy of accepting Christ as my own personal Saviour. Christ died for me.

 S.H. Vetters

Original Letter written by S. H. Vetters