Useful Reading

1. Cancer The Defeated Foe, By Greg Biddell (Testimonies of Healing)
2. Jesus The Healer, By E.W.Kenyon
3. Seven Things You Should Know About Divine Healing, By Kenneth E. Hagin
4. Healing Belongs to Us, By Kenneth E. Hagin
5. The Believer’s Authority, By Kenneth E. Hagin
6. Christ The Healer, By F.F. Bosworth
7. Healed of Cancer, By Dodie Osteen (Testimony of Healing)
8. 365 Days of Healing, By Mark Brazee (Daily Devotions -highly recommended)
9. Healing Promises, By Joseph Prince
10. Health and Wholeness through the Holy Communion, By Joseph Prince
11. Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, By Smith Wigglesworth
12. Total Healing, By Marilyn Hickey
13. You can be Healed, By Bob Gass
14. Free at last from Oppression, By Jerry Savelle
15. What You say is What you Get! By Don Gossett
16. There’s a Miracle in Your Mouth, By E.W. Kenyon & Don Gossett
17. The Tongue – A Creative Force, By Charles Capps
18. Twilight and Dawn -The Great Physician’s Second Opinion, Kathryn Kuhlman (Testimony of Healing)
19. Never Too Late, Kathryn Kuhlman (Testimony of Healing)
20. I Believe in Visions, By By Kenneth E. Hagin
21. Healing the Sick, By T.L.Osborn
22. One Hundred Divine Healing Facts, By T.L. Osborn
23. God’s Creative Power for Healing, By Charles Capps
24. God’s Medicine Bottle, By Derek Prince
25. Words that move Mountains, By E.W. Kenyon & Don Gossett
26. I’m Sold on Being Bold, By Don Gossett
27. Hear My Cry, How Grace Conquered Cancer, By Tish Hagee Tucker
28. There’s Dynamite in Praise, By Don Gossett
29. Prayers that Rout Demons, By John Eckhardt
30. How to Fast Successfully, By Derek Prince
31. What Clothes are You Wearing? A Guide to What the Bible says about Spiritual Clothes, By Rosalie Judd(Kindle Edition)
32. My Story of Healing, Christine Caine:
33. What Happened form the Cross to the Throne, E.W. Kenyon
34. Revealing Heaven, An Eyewitness Account, Kat Kerr
35. Visions From Heaven, Wendy Alec